Lighting Sciences

Placement Matters

Placement Matters by Cris Duncan In previous articles, we have [...]

Placement Matters2022-06-17T13:32:42-05:00

Position Matters

In a previous article we discussed a critical law to [...]

Position Matters2022-06-17T13:35:40-05:00

Size Matters

"Size Matters" by Cris Duncan Photography - (definition) the art [...]

Size Matters2022-06-17T13:27:35-05:00

The Quality of Light

In the process of evaluating the light from natural and [...]

The Quality of Light2022-07-13T12:41:00-05:00

The Color of Light

The electromagnetic radiation spectrum includes a very small section that [...]

The Color of Light2022-06-16T12:00:37-05:00
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