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The Joy of Editing

November 2023 Episode In this edition, Terri Butler goes [...]

The Joy of Editing2023-12-30T15:04:11-06:00

Mixing Light Sources

Inevitably, a photographer is going to be in a position [...]

Mixing Light Sources2023-07-12T10:30:03-05:00

Lighting Modifiers

Parabolics Parabolic reflectors are designed to increase the efficiency of [...]

Lighting Modifiers2022-08-27T09:57:59-05:00

Getting Started with Photoshop Check out this tutorial for getting started with Photoshop. [...]

Getting Started with Photoshop2022-07-19T11:12:35-05:00

Why Enter Image Competition

"Image Competition will take you places you never thought possible." [...]

Why Enter Image Competition2022-07-17T14:49:46-05:00
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