At the Top of Your Game

Blaze New Paths is our way of saying to you, “It is time to give back.”  Start by sharing your knowledge with others and then start taking leadership roles at the local, state and the national level.

You should be actively working on obtaining the PPA Craftsman and the Master of Photography Degrees from PPA.  We know there is nothing better than to be at the top of your game in an industry that you love.

Start Earning Success Badges

The Pathways to Success program is completely self-guided and currently self-assessed when it comes to earning any particular badge. You will decide when you have earned it. We encourage you to be as honest as possible with your evaluation of your knowledge and skills set as it pertains to each badge. As this program expands, we will be adding self-evaluation tools and providing access to TPPA members who can serve as mentors to provide you with important feedback.

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