Blaze New Paths

Blaze New Paths is our way of saying to you, “It is time to give back.”  Start by sharing your knowledge with others and then start taking leadership roles at the local, state and the national level.

You should be actively working on obtaining the PPA Craftsman and the Master of Photography Degrees from PPA.  We know there is nothing better than to be at the top of your game in an industry that you love.

Expert Steps

The Expert Steps is your time to pursue the craft at the highest level of proficiency and creativity.  The refinements in your work at this level are more subtle and likely develop a bit more slowly.  This is to be expected.  Mastery of the craft includes not only developing a high degree of skills and insight, but also includes innovation and the development of a unique photographic style.

Intermediate Steps

The Intermediate Steps will take you on a deeper dive into each subject. You will now need to begin taking some of TPPA’s live classes and workshops.  Attending Texas School is a great way to get a ton of education in a single week.

As you begin to collect the Intermediate Success Badges, you may be ready to start booking clients as you continue to improve your skills and pursue your craft.

First Steps

The First Steps are the perfect place to begin your journey. It is where you learn the fundamentals to build a strong foundation.  Go through each of the steps one by one and work through the lessons.  Follow up with the assessment tools and when you have successfully mastered the material, claim that badge.