The First Steps are the perfect place to begin your journey. It is where you learn the fundamentals to build a strong foundation.  Go through each of the steps one by one and work through the lessons.  Follow up with the assessment tools and when you have successfully mastered the material, claim that badge.

Module 1 Camera Controls
Lesson 1 Dials, Settings and Menus
Lesson 2 F-Stops
Lesson 3 Shutter Speeds
Lesson 4 Depth of Field
Lesson 5 Controlling Motion
Lesson 6 Sensor Size
Module 2 Light Controls
Lesson 1 Lighting Modifiers
Lesson 2 Additive Lighting Concepts
Lesson 3 Subtractive Lighting Concepts
Lesson 4 Broad Lighting Vs Short Lighting
Module 3 Lighting Sciences
Lesson 1 The Quality of Light
Lesson 2 The Color of Light
Lesson 3 Size Matters
Lesson 4 Position Matters
Lesson 5 Placement Matters
Module 4 Composition Concepts
Lesson 1 What Makes a Great Background?
Module 5 Posing Concepts
Lesson 1 Getting Started With Posing
Lesson 2 Body Posing
Lesson 3 Posing Groups
Module 6 Flash Control
Lesson 1 Getting Started With Flash
Lesson 2 Fundamentals of Flash Photography
Module 7 Digital Finishing Concepts
Lesson 1 Getting Started with Photoshop
Lesson 2 How to Get Started with Photoshop CS6
Module 8 Exposure Mastery
Lesson 1 Controlling Exposure
Lesson 2 The Sunny 16 Rule
Lesson 3 Light Meter Basics
Lesson 4 Light Meters 101
Module 9 CPP Pathway
Lesson 1 What is CPP?
Lesson 2 TPPA Wants To Help You Get Certified
Module 10 Join a Local Guild
Lesson 1 What is a "Guild"?
Module 11 Image Competition Pathway
Lesson 1 Why Enter Image Competition?
Module 12 Business & Marketing
There are no units in this module.
Module 13 PPA Membership
There are no units in this module.