Camera Controls

Success at any level begins with a working knowledge of [...]

Camera Controls2022-08-28T16:35:55-05:00

Light Controls

This level looks at recognizing natural lighting indoors and outdoors [...]

Light Controls2022-08-28T16:37:07-05:00

Lighting Sciences

Since lighting is the basis in which all images are [...]

Lighting Sciences2022-08-28T16:37:32-05:00

Composition Concepts

The next step includes the visual aspects of image making [...]

Composition Concepts2022-08-28T16:38:03-05:00

Posing Concepts

These skills begin with an understanding of posing individuals, couples [...]

Posing Concepts2022-08-28T16:38:35-05:00

Flash Control

Photographers should have a working understanding portable flash and recognizing [...]

Flash Control2022-08-28T16:39:20-05:00

Exposure Mastery

At this level, photographers should have an understanding of metering [...]

Exposure Mastery2022-08-28T16:39:58-05:00

CPP Pathway

TPPA supports the idea of setting the stage early on, [...]

CPP Pathway2022-08-28T16:40:23-05:00

Join a Local Guild

TPPA advocates the concurrent membership and participation in the local [...]

Join a Local Guild2022-08-28T16:40:43-05:00
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