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Calculating Exposure with the “Sunny 16” Rule – A simple look at how to use the “Sunny 16” Rule.

Sunny16 Rule and Equivalent Exposures Guide – Print out this handy guide to begin your journey into shooting in manual.

Suggested Exposures Sheet – This guide has the suggested exposure for a number of unusual lighting conditions. Print it out and keep a copy in your camera bag.

Don’t Be an Average Photographer – A quick look at the difference between using you camera in A, T or P vs Manual Mode.

Digital Sensors – Size Matters! – Understand the differences between cropped sensors and full-frame sensors.

Background Check – A short tutorial on cleaning up your backgrounds.

Finding Great Backgrounds – Watch this video to discover the 5 D’s of what makes a great background.

No Broads Allowed – A look at two basic lighting patterns.

Photographing Fireworks – How to get better images from public fireworks displays.

Photographing Holiday Lighting – Tips and techniques for photographing holiday lighting displays.

Perfect Exposures in a Flash – A fundamental study of using your flash in manual mode.

Light the Way – A quick look at how you can achieve different results with studio lighting.

Photo Tips from Arlington Camera:  Looking for ideas to improve the quality of your photographs?  Looking for some great ideas to improve your photography skills?  This collection of photo tips From Arlington Camera may be just the answer for you.