“Quit Using Your Camera on Program!”

This DVD features a live presentation of Steve’s workshop that you can watch over and over. This workshop takes you through the basics of shutter speeds, f-stops and camera handling, metering, color balance and more. By learning to operate your camera in manual mode, you gain a wealth of control over the creative process and the success of your images. This workshop is designed for those just getting started in photography or those needing a “refresher”. $99


“Fundamentals Of Flash Photography”

Discover the basics of flash controls and how to get a perfect exposure every time. Steve also shares how to control the quality of your portable flash by using it with a softbox or umbrella. Steve also takes you through the techniques of using fill flash, bounce flash and dragging the shutter. Steve also demonstrates the importance of getting your flash off the camera and onto a stand for more professional results from your flash exposures. $99

“Photographing People Outdoors”

Steve will share with you how to select the right clothing, the right location and the right time of day for your portrait photography. During this workshop, Steve emphasizes lighting and tips on how to find the best lighting for your images. You will also learn what to look for when selecting backgrounds and how to use the elements of a location to create depth in your images. You will also learn how to pose individuals as well as groups.


“Fundamentals of Studio Lighting”

In this two DVD set, Steve Kozak introduces you to types of studio lighting equipment and teaches the fundamental elements of studio lighting. Steve shows you how to measure the light and work with the hardware that is used to create desired lighting effects. Steve demonstrates how to work with the key light, fill light, background and hair lights and teaches you how to produce different lighting patterns and ratios. On the second DVD, Steve works with the white background andteaches how to keep the whites to be a pure white as well as other surprises that you might not have thought possible with only white paper and a little imagination. $99

“The Art Of Composition”

This CD will teach you to see with an eye for great compositions. You will learn such compositional elements such as; the “Rule of Thirds”, diagonals, leading lines, framing, repetition of pattern, shapes and much more! This CD is packed with information and images that you can study over and over. Available on CD for your PC or Mac. $49


“Senior Posing Guide”

This cd is loaded with information on how to get the most out of your senior portrait sessions. It features tips and techniques for creating variety from your poses and ideas about simple ways to enhance your session using your existing backgrounds. Available on CD for your PC or Mac. $49

“Bridal Posing Guide”

This CD offers you a unique insight into taking beautiful bridal portraits. You will learn how to properly place the boquet, the veil, the train and more! From the study of lighting to selecting locations, this guide will strengthen the images you create for your brides. Available on CD for your PC or Mac. $49


“Steve Kozak’s Success Bundle”

Enjoy all 4 DVD’s plus all 3 CD’s for only $150 plus tax and shipping! btn_cart_LG